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Meet the Principal

Welcome! My name is Al Felder and I am the principal of Topeka Tilton Attendance Center. My lovely wife Kirsha actually attended Topeka as a child, and we love the school dearly. We have four children and watching them grow has been a joy.
Something you may not know about me is that I am Dyslexic. My struggles with Dyslexia have shaped my outlook on education. It is why I served as a special education teacher for 10 years, and it is why I have become an administrator. 
I know first hand the struggles that many students have when it comes to reading and recalling information. I also know that these issues can be overcome, and students can achieve great success. It is my goal to assist students in overcoming educational obstacles, believing in themselves, and accomplishing great things. If we don't invest in our children and help them become all that they can be, the future will be lost.
Phone: 601-587-4895
  • Bachelor of Arts in History - Millsaps College
  • Masters in the Art of Teaching - William Carey University
  • Specialist in Educational Leadership - William Carey University